Works in Progress Night

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Calling all artists! The Philmore on Broadway invites you to join us for an evening of sharing and collaboration at our very first Works in Progress Night. On Thursday, February 25th, community members are encouraged to perform or show a piece of creative work of any genre to share with other creatives.

The purpose of this event is to encourage the creative process and challenge artists to take on new and undiscovered directions. Fort Wayne is so fortunate to have a large pool of talented, artistic people. The Philmore on Broadway is thrilled to be a host for an event centered around positive and innovative thinkers.

Each artist will have a scheduled share time in which to perform and/or talk about their piece. Pieces do not need to be complete to be shown. To enter your work into WIPN, please email me at with the name and a full description of your work. I will then schedule share time for you or your group. Artists should be ages 16 and up.

Not an artist but want to get a sneak peek at the talent your city has to offer? Not a problem! Come join us! We will have light snacks and a few beverages. Maybe you will be inspired to share a your passion at the next Works in Progress Night!

Date: Thursday, February 25th

Time: 7:00pm – 9:00pm

Where: The Philmore on Broadway

2441 Broadway Street


Feel free to bring water, soda, tea, cups, napkins, and/or a small snack!


5 Unique Wedding Traditions

Are you looking for a way to make your wedding reception pop? Check out these 5 unique ideas that will provide fun and entertainment for you and your guests!

Shoe Game One of the many great aspects about weddings is that they bring family and friends together from near and far. The shoe game is a great way to share some information about the bride and groom that the guests may not already know.

To play, place two chairs back to back in a space where your guests can see. The bride and groom each take a seat facing away from each other and remove one shoe. Next, they need to trade a shoe with one another. Each person should be holding one shoe that is his or hers and one shoe of the spouse. Have a friend conduct a series of questions that everyone at the reception can hear. The questions will reflect the dynamic of the new couple. Some sample questions are: “Who is better at keeping surprises?”, “Who is more likely to be running late?”, “Who is the better dresser?”, “Who said I love you first?”, “Who is more likely to get lost?”, or “Who is messier?”. The couple will then raise the shoe of the person that best fits the question. Each may raise his or her own shoe or that of the spouse. You’ll hear a roar of laughter when the couple is asked, “Who is the better driver?”, and the bride and groom both proudly hold up their own shoe!


Blessing Stones This unique tradition is used both during the wedding ceremony and the reception. Each guest is to pick up a stone upon entering the ceremony site.  During the ceremony, the officiant will ask the guests to take a moment and bless the stones with a wish for the new couple. Upon entering the reception site, the guests will put their blessed stones into a vessel for the bride and groom to take home with them. Guests are welcome to share their blessing with the newlyweds during the reception.

For a variation on this tradition, guests could place their blessed stones into a body of water. The stones would be put back into Mother Nature and the blessings released to the world.

Activity Center Activity centers are like arts and crafts for adults! Guests may make a creation to take home or to give to the bride and groom to help them commemorate their special day. The activity could be placed on a craft table or use the craft as table décor on each guest table. Some sample activities could be writing a note for a book or creating an object to give to the honored couple. These types of activities make great house décor for the newly weds.

If the guests can take their crafts home, the item doubles as party favors. Some good examples of take home activities include making your own bag of goodies from a candy bar station, designing your own glass filled with colored sand, or having your picture drawn by a hired cartoon or caricature artist.


Second Line Let the good times roll with this New Orleans themed party event. In New Orleans, the first line of a parade consists of the parade leaders and a brass band. Those who follow the band are called the second line. A second line is a great way to end your reception or help move your party to the after party location. You and your guests can dance and follow the band in your very own celebratory parade. Handkerchiefs to waive or flip-flops for a comfortable march make great party favors to compliment this party activity. You’ll need a brass band and you may want some assistance from your local police department for street safety. Organizing a second line is a lot of work, but it also makes for an unforgettable evening!


Midnight Snack – A common wedding reception timeline includes dinner around 7pm and dancing until late hours of the evening. Your guests have just enough time to work up their appetite again. A fun, cost effective way to keep your guests fueled through the evening is to provide a midnight snack. The bride and groom could plan a delivery of fast food to the wedding reception site. Common favorites include pizza deliveries or sliders from a local burger joint. Food trucks are increasingly popular at wedding receptions and may be another option for providing a late night snack. The bride and groom could pre-pay the food truck to pass out a midnight snack or have their guests cover their own purchases.

We hope that these ideas have helped you with your wedding plans and given you some new inspiration for the perfect wedding reception! For more assistance with planning your reception, please contact The Philmore on Broadway via email at or call us at 260.745.1000. You can learn more about our venue at

Why You Should Choose Art Deco For Your Next Event

We’ve seen the style everywhere lately and, yet, we can’t get enough! Art Deco is featured in movies, on the runway, in current architecture, and in themed events. At The Philmore on Broadway, we too, are huge fans of the Art Deco style. Given the gorgeous architecture in the interior of our 1920’s theater, why shouldn’t we be? Why are we drawn to this captivating design? Here is your 101 on Art Deco. If you weren’t on board before, we’re sure you will carry a torch for Art Deco after reading our blog. Whoopee!


Art Deco originated in France after World War I. The style made its debut in the United States in the 1920’s, peaking in the late 20’s and early 30’s. Art Deco provided a sense of escapism and was truly a breath of fresh air, two things that were desperately needed during the hard times of the Great Depression.

Art Deco was compelling due to its futuristic appearance. The style was very much ahead of its time. The designs represented a forward-thinking mindset and innovation. One of the most popular Art Deco inspired designs is the spire on the Chrysler Building in New York City.


We are still attracted to Art Deco and continue to play with the bold geometric shapes for new designs. Art Deco inspires us to take on the beliefs of a “new world”. The dream of a new and better place was tossed around frequently in the 1920’s. In the current century, where technology is quickly bringing us into a new age, Art Deco designs seem to fit our current visions. The hard, metallic designs represent the new technology we are creating every day.

We fall in love with Art Deco because the designs create a blanket of luxury. It can be lavish, fun, and full of frills. The style represents the best of, what was, an exuberant era. They didn’t call it the “Roaring Twenties” for nothing! The extravagant sense of style is perfect for events. As a host, you want to create a special experience for your guests. Theming your event with Art Deco helps transport your guests to a better and more exciting place.


For ideas, examples, and tips on how to incorporate Art Deco into your event décor, check out some of the Pins on our Pinterest page or call us at 260.745.1000.

Check out our next concert, on May 9th, featuring the Dirty Bourbon River Show. This eccentric band, from New Orleans, will put on a show you won’t want to miss! Check out more upcoming events here.

Stress Less While Planning Your Wedding


Wedding planning can be a very stressful time in your life. It seems that once you have checked something off of your list of items to do, three more items appear. The stress and anxiety that can be caused from planning such a monumental event in your life can easily overwhelm you.

One of the beliefs we have, at The Philmore on Broadway, is that your vendors can relieve some of that stress. We like to play an active role in planning and coordinating our brides’ big day.

Today we’d like to extend our helping hand a little further by giving our brides some other helpful tips to staying healthy, happy, and stress free.

1. Find what helps you relieve stress

What do you do when you’ve had a bad day? Do you bake, clean, or work out? Do you cuddle with your pets? Whatever that calming activity is, do it more as you lead up to your wedding. You may think that with all of the things you have on your “To Do” list that you don’t have time for your calming activity. Don’t think that way. Make your calming activity numero uno on your “To Do” list instead.

 2. Plan ahead

Planning a wedding is a job, literally. There are a handful of event planners out there that only do weddings. If you are making this your job, take it seriously. Get a planner or a notebook. We recommend a planner that suggests when certain items on your “To Do” list should be completed. The last thing you want to do is wait until the last minute. Remember that 25 page paper you wrote in just a few hours? Multiply that stress by 10 if you procrastinate your wedding!

3. Ask for help

You may feel like you are alone in planning this event, but you are not. There is always someone willing to lend a hand. If they offer, take the help! You’ll be glad you did. It sweetens the pot when someone you love helps you with a special project. You will have those memories forever.

4. Remove yourself from the situation

You just got off the phone with a vendor who gave you some bad news. Take a step back. In the years after your wedding, will it really matter if your cake pops were only chocolate and vanilla flavored versus marble swirl? Probably not. Pick and choose your battles. Fight for the essence of your wedding and the love that it represents. The petty things don’t matter.

5. Be true to “WE”

Be true to you when planning your event. Don’t let others influence you too much on what you should and shouldn’t do. The only exception is your fiancé. If he wants a say, he should at least be heard. Listen, advocate for each other, and compromise. These are three things you will learn in marriage. Why not start practicing them now?

We hope you have found these tips helpful. For more information on The Philmore on Broadway, visit us at or call 260.745.1000.

Five Tips to Choosing Your Wedding Vendors


You’ve said, “YES”. Now what should you do? It’s time to book your venue and lock in your vendors. Picking your vendors isn’t always a piece of wedding cake. A bad vendor can really put a damper on your wedding planning. Read these five tips to ensure that your vendors help make your special day spectacular.

1.     Reviews

Recommendations are one of the best ways to find a vendor.  If someone has recommended a business to you, you should definitely look into it. Not only did the vendor do their job well, but also they clearly left a lasting, positive impression.

If you are searching for vendors online, see what past clients’ have said about them.  If they have several bad reviews and have not written a response to the client’s comments, they may not be worth looking into. You’ll want to know how well they work with their clients and the quality of their final product.

2.     Price

A lot of vendors offer packaged pricing. The packages should allow you to get more for your buck.  For example, some photographers will throw in a coffee table book or an extra session for bridal portraits.

Does the photographer you are looking at charge per hour? If so, make a timeline. See how long you really need a photographer at your event and work backwards from there to schedule your ceremony, dinner, first dance, cake cutting, etc.

Don’t forget to look for hidden fees. The more questions you ask up front the better. Don’t just assume certain aspects of service are included.

3.     Availability

The first question you’ll want to ask a vendor is, “Do you have my date open?” Some vendors will not be able to accommodate more than one event at a time.

If a vendor is extremely busy, you may want to consider looking into a vendor with less on their calendar.  Too many clients for one vendor may mean the vendor wont be able to give you the personal attention you need.

4.     Compatibility

Often brides are unfairly called “Bridezilla”. It is important that your vendors understand the difference between a bride who is difficult to work with and a bride who knows what she wants. If a vendor understands you and your vision for your special day, stop looking! Hire them! It will help your night go smoothly and come out the way you’ve always dreamed.

5.     Experience

Don’t let a vendor talk you into hiring them. Their experience, work, and product should speak for itself.  Your perfect vendor should have experience with a wedding similar to yours.

We hope that you found these tips helpful and will keep them in mind while looking for the rest of your wedding crew. Weddings are a perfectly choreographed performance. With enough preparation, your vendors can help make your event get a standing ovation!

The Philmore on Broadway works with several of Fort Wayne’s finest vendors. Give us a call to start planning your wedding with us! 260-745-1000

What to Expect at the 4th Annual Monster Mash

Monster Mash[1]

            This Saturday The Philmore on Broadway will be hosting its 4th Annual Monster Mash. If you have not had an opportunity to attend this one of a kind Halloween party, this should be your year to check out what you’ve been missing!

            We invite you to step back in time, this Halloween, as we take the setting of this party back to 1920. We will be featuring the music from the Great Gatsby soundtrack along with popular songs from every genre and some Halloween favorites. Dress in your best flapper costume or pin striped suit for the chance to win one of our costume contests. Don’t worry, we are looking for costumes of all themes and decades. We have a separate costume contest for all of the other fabulous getups. Both contests have cash prizes.

            The party is like no other in Fort Wayne, or maybe even the entire Midwest! We have excellent décor, delectable beverages provided by Club Soda, amazing food options from Affine Foods, and more. This year we will have a photo booth available to all guests provided by Picture This Portraits. Owner and photographer, Jessica Wilson, is excited to capture all of the glam and gore of your costumes.

             This year’s music and entertainment will be provided by Crush House Entertainment. Artist, producer, and DJ, J Tubbs, will be spinning music and keeping the party going the whole evening. J Tubbs thrives on creating a style for himself that isn’t a typical sound. He strives to be an individual to the world of music and a true entertainer. You won’t hear songs played this way by any other DJ!

             Our live performances will feature the musical talents of Heather Cruise and Trent Boston. Heather Cruise is a radio and TV host here in Fort Wayne. On the side, she sings and plays guitar at local venues. Heather has also sung the national anthem for Country Fest, the Komets, the Mad Ants and the Tincaps.

             Trent Boston is a singer/songwriter and musician from Columbia City, IN. He teaches music to the mentally handicapped at Passages Inc. and is a single dad to his two little boys. His musical talents are unlimited. He can perform any style and will be a great compliment to Heather and J Tubbs.

             Members of dAnce Kontemporary, Fort Wayne’s professional contemporary dance group, will be sharing the stage during these live performances.

             The fun doesn’t stop when the party does! Go home with one of our door prizes. The Philmore would like to thank K Monique’s Studio of Dance, Grabill Family Dentistry, Club Soda, Sky Zone, Spiece Fitness, Consider It Done, Sassie Cakes, Jodi Pleasant with A Day Away Salon,  and Catablu Grille for their donations.

             General admission for the event is $15. Tickets can be purchased here. A limited number of tables ($80 for a table for 4) are still available for purchase. Call 260-745-1000 to reserve a table or our VIP and bottle service.

              Tickets will be available online until 2pm, Saturday, October 26th. Tickets will be available at the door if supplies last.

Wedding Guest Etiquette


Some people begin to dream of their wedding day at a very young age. It is such a magical day. It is also a day that takes a lot of work and months of detailed planning.

As a guest, it is important that you help the bride and groom make the day special. Your actions and demeanor can help make or break the event. Follow these tips and you will be the guest everyone wants to have at their wedding!

Wedding guest etiquette should begin the second you receive an invitation. The invitation gives you several important details about the wedding that you need to know. The bride and groom have timed out when the invitation should be received based on the tasks they have asked you to do.  Be sure to read the invitation thoroughly.

One of the tasks is to secure accommodations. Do you need to spend the evening in another city? Be sure to book a room where the bride and groom suggest. Their suggestion will typically be at a hotel where they have received a block of rooms at a discounted rate. Be sure to book in a timely manner. Blocks of rooms can be first come, first serve.

One of the most difficult tasks, when planning a wedding, is creating a guest list. In an ideal situation, most brides would probably choose to invite all of their friends and family. Unfortunately, limited funds do not always allow that as an option. As a guest, be sure to respect the bride and groom’s hard work. Check to see how many guests your invitation includes. Do you have a plus one? Who is the invitation addressed to on the front? Are children invited? These are all things you should pay attention to before sending back your response.

The last item, that you could be asked to attend to on an invitation, is filling out your meal preference. The bride and groom are asking you to fill it out at this time so that they can get the information to their caterer. By being late to respond, you are making it difficult for the bride, the groom, and the catering vendor to plan ahead.

Always check to see where the bride and groom have registered. This is their one chance to ask for help with collecting items to better their new life together. Try to be considerate when purchasing their gift. Consider their needs and how much you’d like to spend. Keep in mind that the bride and groom will most likely be feeding you the evening of the event. You can certainly look at items that are not on their registry as long as they are personable and show thought. Money is always acceptable too.

Not sure what to wear? Look to the invitation or wedding website for tips on what the evening’s attire will be.  Remember, it is always better to be over dressed than under dressed. Try to stay away from wearing white. It is the bride’s day to shine.

The invitation will specify what time the wedding ceremony will begin. It is important that all guests be on time. The special couple have carefully timed out when they would like things to take place. If their ceremony runs over, due to guests arriving late, that may take time away from something else later.

 Spoiler alert! We live in the age of social media. We are constantly tweeting, posting, and instagramming. Be sure you are considerate when you post pictures of the bride. Allow the bride to surprise everyone, including her groom, as she walks down the isle.

 Was the ceremony too long? Do you not like the beer and wine selection? Do you think the bridesmaids would have looked better in purple versus orange? Keep your comments to yourself. When it is your wedding you can do whatever you’d like!

The bride and groom have invited you to their wedding because they truly wanted to spend their special day with you. Unfortunately, they can’t always show it the way they’d like. It is difficult to get around to all of your guests and say, “thank you for coming.” Don’t take offense. Instead, try to approach the couple on your own time. Thank them for inviting you. The perfect guest is appreciative, social, and positive.